Zoom (Maryholme) Canada

Seven-day workshop, via Zoom,
August 16 – 20, 2023, EDT/PDT

This workshop will be held in person if logistically possible. When you contact the organizer, please specify which mode (zoom or in person) you would prefer.

Back by popular demand, this classic week-long Freefall Writing workshop will permanently shift your relationship with writing in a way that no other workshop can. The first day’s introductory session is followed by five days of writing with written feedback and whole-group sessions led by Barbara daily. Combined with the final half-day’s targeted writing exercise, this week’s experience will take your writing to an entirely new level.

Scheduled in EDT, the workshop has been set up to suit writers across North America.

Cost:  TBA

Contact Vicki Pinkerton or info at freefallwriting dot com for more information and to book.

Something wonderful happened at the workshop, something I’d been wanting for a long time: a real passion for writing emerged.  I think it’s been there all along but previously it would come out but could never stick.

EG, Canada