About Freefall WRITING

Freefall invokes the courage to fall without a parachute, into the words as they come, into the thoughts before they have fully formed in the mind, into the unplanned structures that take shape, without prompting, to contain them.

Freefall is a method some writers discover spontaneously, but many have to (re)learn: the technique of writing from the larger Self, beyond reach of the ego and its censors.

Upcoming workshops

Poulstone, UK, April 2021

Monday April 5th to Sunday April 11th
Time-zone suited to writers in EU, UK, eastern US/CA.
GBP 710
Fully booked.

May 2021

Sunday May 16 to Saturday May 22nd
Time-zones to suit writers across Australia.
AUD 995
Find out more.

Rivendell, CA
June 2021

Saturday June 12 to Friday June 18th
Time-zones to suit writers in North America.
Cost CA 795
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“Freefall has grounded me in my ‘voice’ at last! I could have gone on floundering for years without that quiet week with Barbara, fishing into the depths of myself.”

Helena Cornelius,
Author, Everyone Can Win

“Without a doubt, it was your input at that first Freefall seminar that gave me faith. Since then, I’ve been writing one or two books a year, and have found myself at the giddy point of having gone from being a long shot to having a shot.”

Charles Atkins, MD,
Author, Risk Factor, and, The Portrait

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From the Blog

Welcome Discouragement

To be open to writing is to be open to all the familiar parts of the writing process: the elation, the discouragement, and all that lies between.  Welcome discouragement.  Without it, you’ll get nowhere, even though it can be the hardest of your old friends to love.

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The best time to write

Especially these days, when time can flow by unmarked in a way we have never experienced before, I worry when people say, “I can only write at such-and-such a time”. Yes, it’s always good to have a routine to give yourself a boost. But you can’t write at any other time? Really? My worry is that…

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Put some words down daily

As the decade draws to a close, look back and appreciate how much closer you’ve come to the realization of your writing hopes. During this decade, the world has become vastly busier (The number of emails sent, for example, has more than tripled. Working people now receive an average or 120 emails a day). So…

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