Freefall is an absorbing and surprisingly enjoyable way to find your own authority in writing. It has been described as “a method some writers discover spontaneously but many have to (re) learn: the technique of writing from the larger Self, beyond reach of the ego and its censors.”

Freefall Online offers a uniquely personal way to undertake this profound process of discovery.

“By letting myself go, I truly found a voice.”

Nellie Jacobs,
Author, Grading The Teacher

Mentorship Program

Available only to those who have attended weekly or week-long Freefall workshops, Freefall Mentorship offers the opportunity to work intensively with Barbara Turner-Vesselago on either Freefall or a current manuscript generated through this process.

Send in your writing twice a month for one year and receive the kind of detailed response that allows you to generate new material in a focused way, or work through the stages of manuscript revision from first draft to finished product.

Year-long Mentorship: $4,395 CAD
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As ever Barbara I have found your comments incredibly useful and insightful. You have a wonderful gift! I typically read them a few times over the course of several days and let it stew a bit and then improvements seem to flow! Thank you. It is proving a very inspiring journey.

Lindsay Levin, Author of Invisible Giants, (Vala Publishing)