“You write, and let the writing teach you what you need to know.”

Barbara Turner-Vesselago, Ph.D.

Since that first Freefall seminar I’ve been writing one or two books a year and have found myself at this giddy point of going from being a long shot to having a shot.

Charles Atkins, M.D, Author of the Barret Conyors Foresnic Psychiatry Series (Llewellyn and Severn House), Cadaver’s Ball (St Martins Press/Minotaur), and the Lil and Ada Mystery Series (Severn House)

What I’d really like is to say, in person, is how much I appreciated your gentle, persuasive and warm facilitation.  If we were in the same room, or in the same forest, I’d also explain that I am usually a bit slow to warm, slow to trust, and that you earned my trust so quickly, both with your care and attention to my writing, and your care and attention to the group and the group dynamics. I’m particularly grateful for the gentle persuasion to move from autobiography to fiction.

KG, Canada

Lovely to consistently write for those few days. You have such a lovely way and a direct way of saying, showing and guiding the way forward. It makes me think of wandering on a mountain side, hearing your whistle and finding the path again.

On the zoom part … Great to see that work so well.

And … because I admire this so much in you and it just comes out of you so naturally … please keep that talent going. I love seeing that in people (I believe everyone has a unique talent). I see this in you so strongly. You are such a good example. You follow your skill and craft and offer it all to us with generosity, care and determination. Thank you.

GP, England

In contrast to all of the other writing mentors/tutors I have come across, with Freefall you work in the area where spirit, imagination and heart all work together in the moment with the writer who’s writing on the page, and with his/her/their memory and emotion. The joy of connecting with that inner world through [Barbara’s] facilitation is what has kept me coming back to Freefall for so long.

DO, England

One of the most fantastic experiences I have ever had. 

John Strauss, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine

This has been a wonderful experience.  I think it may have changed my life.

Maureen Smith, former director, University of Western Australia School of Extension.