Freefall Writing WorkshopS ONLINE

Currently (since March 2020), all FreefallWriting™ Workshops are being offered online. Writers report some surprising benefits from this format. Many say they hope the Zoom version of the workshops will continue to be offered, even after travel bans are lifted.


  • Establishing regular writing habits in the “real life” context of home
  • Focus on the writing without social distraction
  • Lower cost
  • More flexible writing time
  • Online meetings that are rich and rewarding
  • The same immediate feedback and rapid progress
  • The sense of growing skill and capacity, even during a difficult time

Other changes

Some writers have found it hard to believe, at first, that the same energetic expansion, quality of work, and depth of discussion for which Freefall Writing Workshops are known would be available though the medium of Zoom. But although the shift online may have made some writers hesitate initially, all who have taken part report the same high degree of satisfaction with their experience of these workshops, as well as with their rapid mastery of the necessary technical tools, all of which are standard and easy to use.

The daily debrief that follows the writing session is conducted in a private Slack Forum, accessible only to the participants in each particular workshop. This new version gives focus to your impressions of that day’s writing experience and provides a useful reference for Barbara and local host, as well as for you to look back on, should you choose to do so.

The Slack Forum also provides a place to interact with the other writers from your group and an easy way to keep in touch beyond the week of the workshop.

In order to work with time-zones around the globe, local hosts with extensive Freefall Writing experience lead the daily readings and discussion sessions for the workshops based in Australia, while Barbara meets with the group in person for the first and final sessions, provides written feedback to each person about their work daily, and selects the readings for the local host. This sharing of responsibilities provides new voices through which to hear the writing and fresh, informed perspectives in discussion.

For a full list of upcoming workshops, visit the workshops page.

In the Zoom workshop, I felt there were fewer distractions for me and I could focus more deeply on the writing. Plus I don’t have to travel which saves cost.  The other thing I realized about the workshop is that you made things very easy for the technologically fragile folks like me. Much appreciated


Writing in my own space every day will encourage me to get into a writing habit – something to be prioritised. I was uncertain before [the Zoom workshop] how I would maintain that discipline when there are potentially so many other things trying to grab my attention. But having done so, it now seems less of a mountain to climb. There’s a continuity that is so helpful. Just turn up and write. What could be easier?