Robin McLean’s gripping debut novel, Pity the Beast, has been published by And Other Stories Publishing, to acclaim: “Not since Faulkner have I read American prose so bristling with life and particularity” writes J M Coetzee.

Kirsten Cameron, who hosts the afternoon reading sessions of the Australian FreefallWriting workshops on Zoom, has had her first novel (working title, Don’t Ask Why) accepted for publication by Hunter Publishing. It is scheduled to appear in August.

Recursion, a dark thriller by David J Harrison, published by the Book Guild, is available on Amazon. Deepam Wadds’s novel, What the Living Do, will be published by Regal House in 2024. And Kamille Bligh Roach’s mystery novel, A Matchbox Full of Pearls, is available on Amazon. Elysia Nisan has had a three-novel coming-of-age fantasy series published by Craig Martelle Inc.(under the pseudonym Eden Wolfe): Echo Breaker, Echo Chaser and Echo Ender.

Other Freefall writers’ accomplishments include Kelly Watt’s publication of her poem, “Venus With Hat,” published in the UK anthology, Doorways and Thresholds, from Overneath books, and Ronna Jevne’s completion of a book of poetry about aging, Threescore and Then. 

Deepam Wadds has also had a short non-fiction piece published in The Blood Pudding: “The Story as it is Told”

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